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Adult/Juvenile Fiction

Give the gift of reading! Children are like sponges; soaking up everything presented to them. These colorful and insightful stories offer insight about sharing, bullying, friendliness, and adventure! Click here to purchase the e-book version or below for AUTOGRAPHED copies!!!

Author Vanessa Santiago-Jerman has over 16 published books. Click on the titles to purchase books.



In a World with NO 


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Adult and Teen Fiction Books by Vanessa Santiago- Jerman

Inspiration comes from everyday life. Sharing stories of encouragement helps to build perspectives and teaches that no one is alone in their situations. Each of these books, rather solo projects or collaborative expressions, bring to light issues that plague young women in today's society. Click here to purchase the e-book versions of these books or below for AUTOGRAPHED COPIES.

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  •  Will God Forgive Me?
  • Love Storms and Solace 
  • Living in the Projects
  • Please Don't Kill Me 
  • Defeating the Odds 
  • Shattered Pieces

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